Political Participation Observatory

is a monitoring and advocacy based entity that seeks to promote and strengthen the political and civic participation of the LGBTIQ+ population.


The LGBTIQ+ Political Participation Observatory in the Americas and the Caribbean is committed to promoting, showcasing, and strengthening the political and civic participation of the LGBTIQ+ population in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We strive to provide detailed information and comparative analysis of the political landscape, highlighting the specific realities of member countries and their impacts on the LGBTIQ+ population.

Our main task is to ensure the visibility and respect of all individuals in the political and civic participation sphere.

Additionally, we commit to expose and denounce any human rights violations that occur in the region, and to promote a culture of equity, respect, and representation for all individuals.


The LGBTIQ+ Political Participation Observatory in the Americas and the Caribbean serves as a trusted resource on the topic at the regional level,acknowledged for its dedication to advancing equality and facilitating the full participation of LGBTIQ+ people in political and citizen processes.

We strive to be a reliable, inclusive, and respected source of information and analysis on political participation in the region, thus contributing to the creation of societies where all individuals are respected, valued, and have the opportunity to actively participate in decision-making without fear of discrimination or violence.

What do we do?

Document prominent advances and challenges

in the political and electoral rights of LGBTIQ+ individuals in Latin America and the Caribbean, highlighting both achievements and barriers they face in their political participation.

Promoting awareness and education

about the political rights of LGBTIQ+ individuals among the community and society at large, collaborating with educational institutions, civil organizations, and governments to develop training and awareness programs.

Establishing strategic alliances

with organizations, institutions, and leaders committed to promoting human rights and equality for LGBTIQ+ individuals, thereby expanding our reach and influence in the region.

Strengthen civic participation

through the creation of inclusive spaces, the promotion of civic education, and the fostering of democratic culture, thereby contributing to the construction of fairer and more egalitarian societies.

Advocating for inclusive policies

that promote equality of rights and opportunities for LGBTIQ+ individuals in all areas of political and social life, actively participating in the policy formulation process and offering evidence-based recommendations that address the needs of diverse LGBTQI+ lived experiences.


Corporación Caribe Afirmativo

Caribe Afirmativo is a Colombian nonprofit organization that works to advance human rights for LGBTI people by creating a culture of respect for diverse sexual orientations and gender identities and demanding full rights under the social rule of law.

United States

LGBTQ Victory Institute

LGBTQ Victory Institute is an American nonprofit organization that works to train LGBTI+ leaders who can promote equality through public service. Victory Institute helps hundreds of people around the world each year start influential careers as public servants, leading from civil society and as part of the business world.


Yaaj: Transformando tu vida A.C.

With almost 15 years of experience, Yaaj: Transformando tu vida A.C. (Yaaj Mexico) is considered one of the key organizations in the country that defends the rights of the LGBTI+ community. It has a presence at the national level through its spokespersons in various entities of the republic and political advocacy work at the local, federal, and international levels.

Who are we?

Partner organizations:


República dominicana

Diversidad Dominicana was established in 2012 with the mission of fighting for the human rights of LGBTI+ people, both in the Dominican Republic and internationally.

LOGMesa de trabajo 11


Somos CDC is a non-governmental organization that manages and implements programs aimed at improving the quality of life of the LGTBI+ population of Honduras.

LOGMesa de trabajo 8


PROMSEX is a Peruvian nonprofit organization that supports the elimination of all forms of discrimination that impede the full exercise of human rights that guarantee free and informed reproduction, as well as safe and pleasurable sexuality.



VoteLGBT was established in 2014 with a mission to increase LGBT+ representation in politics and in other critical decision making spaces across Brazil. We believe that a strong democracy requires a diverse representation of our communities, therefore our work centers intersectional issues across race and gender political matters.

Regional Observatory Report

We are building our first Regional Report, the “State of LGBTI+ Political Participation in Latin America: Analysis of Electoral Participation, Political Declarations, and Strategies for Participation and Protection of LGBTQI+ Rights”, Help us by answering the survey so that your experiences become part of this important effort.

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